Derbydog Productions

Bringing you the best demolition derby shows around since 2005.



-At each Derbydog event, drivers earn monetary funds that will coincide with earned purse amounts at Battle at the Border III.
-How much money you earn depends on how many Derbydog events you run & where you finish.
-Funds follow the driver not class/vehicle. 

Here are the Stimulus earnings (Feature finish only):
-WINNER: $300
-2ND PLACE: $200
-3RD PLACE: $175
-4TH PLACE: $150
-5TH PLACE: $125
6TH-10TH: $100
11TH-START: $50
HOMETOWN WINNER: $200 (Driver must reside in that venue's zoned township/village)

Redeeming your Derbydog Stimulus Funds:
-Top 10 finishers in each class at Battle at the Border III are eligible to redeem winnings.
-Funds can ONLY be redeemed once, not multiplied by numerous top 10 finishes. You may, HOWEVER, run multiple classes to better your chance at finishing in the Top 10. 

-Your Stimulus payout will be released at the inagural Derbydog Banquet in October.

-The following contingency stickers must be displayed at all Derbydog events:
-Derbydog Productions
-Eichler Auto, LLC (Pro Stock Full-Size Sponsor)
-Future sponsors will be listed as the season progresses.
Stimulus Buy-In Program:
-There will be a $150 buy-in to the Derbydog Stimulus Program. Drivers not entered into the buy-in earn no funds towards there stimulus. 
-Your buy-in earns you stimulus dollars at every show as well as ONE free driver's entry at Battle at the Border III in September ($50 value). 

Battle at the Border III
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Sunday, October 1, 2017 (Tentative)
Ashtabula Co. Fairgrounds
127 N. Elm Street
Jefferson, Ohio 44047
Shows included in the Derbydog Stimulus Program:
-Mercer Co. Grange Fair-Mercer, PA
-Greenwich Fireman's Festival-Greenwich, Ohio
-Trumbull Co. Fair-Cortland, Ohio
-Carroll Co. Fair-Carrollton, Ohio
-Lake Co. Fair-Painesville, Ohio
-Ashtabula Co. Fair-Jefferson, Ohio
-Lawrence Co. Fair-New Castle, PA
-Crawford Co. Fair-Meadville, PA
-Jamestown Community Fair-Jamestown, PA
-Battle at the Border III-Jefferson, Ohio